Worst smell you’ve encountered recently

They recently brought in food recycling here so our garden waste bin is now a food waste bin too. We have very little garden waste generated in our patio yard so it’s mostly food. We’re not talking one of those clever brown lock bins in the UK, this is just a standard ~1.3m wheelie bin and you aren’t to use any bags.

I decided to give it a bit of a clean after they emptied it yesterday but our hose is broke and the drains here go to rivers as far as I know so I didn’t want to use any chemical cleaner. I poured boiling water and ~10 litres of warm water into the bin, sloshed it about and then opened it and it was FOUL. Oh my word. Just warmed up all the grim in there. Holy shit.

Could it be some form of ‘dynamic lifter’ in use near you? It’s very popular here in Australia, a fertiliser made, from what I can tell, from animal parts and all kinds of things :grimacing: Basically when it’s just been laid it smells absolutely horrendous.

and thus you dealt it?

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