Worst spot you have ever had?

When I was 16 and camping in the south of France with my mates I had an enormous spot in my pubic mound. Hurt like shit. Eventually came to a huge whitehead and I popped it spilling yellowed pus all over my pubiscus.

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Can I have a boil?

I’m sorry I clicked on this thread


Yeah, this covers all that jazz



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Great, thanks.

A few years ago I had a boil on my temple that was so bad my left eye had started to swell over.

I went to the doctor about it and they gave me antibiotics for it. They were strictly to be taken with food.

I had a professional exam in London that I had to leave the house at 6 for, so I didn’t have time for breakfast but did take my antibiotics. I threw up twice on the train and once more in King’s Cross.

I once had something that went through to both sides of my earlobe - not sure what that was - spot, boil, cyst?

I get those sometimes! I think they’re cysts.

Nice. I like them because you can make them weep for several days.

Friend of mine had a large boil on his arse which burst whilst go-karting. It was his birthday too. Great story.


Is this why you decided to have children?


In my first office job I had access to the sick records and one simply said ‘having boil on my bum lanced’.

had one under my left tit. was a bit sore.

that’s all I’ve got.

I distinctly remember having a boil/ spot on my neck, which I had squozen and squozen for days to no avail. Eventually, she opened! There was an audible hiss, a thud as the pus hit the mirror, which ended up looking like the inside of a creme egg had hit the surface

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Can’t argue with that.

In year nine I had a sixth month war of attrition with a massive shitter right between my eyes. It took so long to come to a head and I kept trying to force it making it worse and worse.

Got there in the end, the yield was insane.

I now have a scar unsurprisingly but it’s mostly overshadowed by my Harry Potter job that I got when I blacked out and smacked my forehead on the living room door due to mumps doing me over.

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That reminds me, Creme Egg season must have started by now.

Struggling to think of specific ones - but had some very high pressure ones that went off quite spectacularly as a teenager