Worst supermarket sandwich option?

Worst supermarket sandwich option?

I’ve just finished off a club sandwich from M&S. Absolutely rank. It was massive too so it was a proper slog to get through. Need something filling for lunch, but not as heavy, like brie and grape maybe? I heard Waitrose are doing a cheddar and celery sandwich too which would certainly scratch that itch.

all day breakfast. always terrible.

Drier than all the deserts combined.



Tuna. Mayo.


that tesco “just ham” one always makes me feel sad


I like eating that sandwich by adding steak McCoys to it

Egg, tomato and salad cream.

BLT is a piece of shit sandwich

@rich-t explain this absolute brexit monstrosity


Raw tomatoes in a sandwich, especially one that sits on a supermarket shelf for hours, are a fucking abomination


Great British sandwiches for great Britons

this isn’t a current sandwich is it?

Yes that’ll make it much moister.

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Not this design but pretty sure the filling was there last time I went for a spenos sandwich (haven’t done in a while because the veggie sandwich options are rubs, just go for a couple of the little salad boxes now)

some fish based monstrosity

Thought not. Think there’s an iteration of that without the brexit packaging. I wouldn’t know, tend not to touch eggy sarnies

Did you know they changed the M on Marks in Marks and Spencer so that the middle bit of the M doesn’t go all the way to the bottom and now stays in the middle. Check it out next time you’re in store!

That weird cheese and onion mix, like someone has already chewed it

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Anything “just”

Just Ham
Just Chicken

Anything that involves bacon. Fresh bacon - great. Bacon in a pre-packed sandwich - rank.

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co-op fried chicken and chili wrap. had that more or less every day for dinner for 3 months.

makes me wretch just thinking about it.