Worst thing you ever had as an MSN username

Inspired by that Facebook from seven years ago post.

I once had:

“Did you ever stop to wonder why they forced your words to turn from silence to a caterwaul?”

Thinking about it makes me make the noise Sideshow Bob makes after stepping on a rake.


Did you ever stop to wonder why they forced your words to turn from silence to a caterwaul?
Did you ever stop to notice this crying Earth, these weeping shores?
Aaahaaaahahhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhaaaaaa ooooooooohooooooooohhhoooooooooohhooooooooohhoooooo

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Seem to remember using Drowningman lyrics/song titles a lot. This has really hit my nostalgia gland!

I used to have :heart: Ben :heart: in mine when I first got it aged 12, because i didn’t realise that you should only do that if someone was actually your boyfriend


Haha, that was definitely used at some point! And: If God Loves a Winner He’s Going to Want to Fuck me in a Minute. I was so edgy! :flushed:

Take your pic of HIM lyrics surrounded by heart and bat emoticons

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:bat::bat::heart:heartache every moment :heart::bat::bat:

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:heart: :heart: death is in love with us :bat: :crescent_moon: :heart:

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I don’t really remember MSN that well at all. Actually I do. Weirdly I don’t have traumatic memories of it, not compared to Facebook at least.

I had a thunderously cringey Bebo account though, which was around the same time. Even 10 years later, I’m still haunted by the embarrassing nonsense I wrote in the ‘Me, Myself and I’ section.

Had matching in-joke MSN names with my boyfriend


Can’t remember it verbatim but there was one written in really bad Spanish and was about poo

American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost lyrics.

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Stage dives make you more alive.

Dying with embarrassment remembering this even though I still love that song