Worst thing you have received in the post

State of this


I know right?? Should be at least 2 cloves of garlic


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The driest nachos.

16 cherry tomatoes.

I’ve got 20, shall I just use a…


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I like the final line (apologies for cutting it off). No, I like my cheese unmelted on nachos.

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My friend nick has unmelted cheese on toast

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I also received two other recipes but I shall not photograph them.

Speeding fines
Medical results

He sounds like a melt!!111!11one!!!11

That is fine. Nick’s ok by me. I mean it’s not the same thing but it is also nice.

These are a few of my favourite things

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‘Cooking’ time.

Look, you have to put your wholemeal tortilla triangles in the oven.

And that cheese isn’t going to melt itself (optional).

At least it’s an honest photo of how the food might turn out