Worst thing you've ever done, seen, watched or ingested while hungover


I once spent one of those apocalyptic hungover days watching an omnibus of some American lumberjack documentary.

Definitely not the worst thing I’ve done while hungover, but it wasn’t a good day.


Had a monster hangover when I was 17. Knew I wouldn’t make it to the toilet so opened my bedroom window and threw up out of it like some kind of Victorian peasant. I forgot for a second that my mum’s greenhouse is directly under my bedroom. Had to clean up partially digested red wine soaked pizza crusts off the roof later that day.


This warrants my first ever use of the following:

“This has done me.”


I threw up in a very shallow baking tray.


threw up into someone else’s packet of golden wonder crisps on a train home from glasgow (after a dismeat in fact). it was the closest thing i could grab to puke into.

had a brutal comedown on a couch after my stag, unable to move to reach the tv remote, and therefore had to watch the entirety of the shining. terrifying

rolled up to a bench outside a pub in kent with a pal, both crushingly hungover. managed to convince barman to bring us a pint while i had my head down on the wooden table. heard odd noises. somehow, somehow, we were in the middle of the annual morris dancing convention. bells and sticks and prats everywhere.


I had an attic room in our student house. I once threw up out of the skylight on to the roof :D/D:


ax men?



yes, ax men!


Did back-to-back Tough Mudder courses after 46 pints of Grolsch once, then swam to France and did a marathon.




Once (at uni of course) there was no food in the fridge so I checked the bin and last night’s kebab was wrapped up and only half-eaten so I fished it out and finished it


threw up into a pint while trying to overcome a hangover.


I know someone who did that before going on to finish the pint.


Once woke up so hungover I couldn’t move out of bed so was just sick on the sheets next to me and then went back to sleep.


You disgust me :wink::+1::grinning:


the end of that story is even worse


AS IF you’re going to leave it at that!


had to watch the fast and the furious


Let’s hear it :grinning: