Worst thing you've ever smelled


Despite doing a load of sulfur chemistry in my time (e.g. thiophenol is the pure smell of dog shit) and having smelled putrescine (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putrescine), they’re not the worst. Too one note.

It was the Tupperware bowl of soup that my housemate made in the first week of us living together, forgot about in the back of the fridge, then opened two years later to get rid of before we moved out. Indescribable.



just write the tupperware off man, you don’t need to open that shit


That was my suggestion!

He was from Kirkcaldy.


Full uncooked chicken, left in the fridge for three weeks by my housemate. He opened the wrapping to see what it smelled like and we both threw up. It was completely foul and I’m gagging now just thinking about it.




A girl in my corridor in halls decided that she was going to make soup from bone broth one weekend.

The whole building reeked of boiling bones for at least a week.


That sounds quite delicious.


I smelled a couple of months old protein shake with added milk the other day.


corrected for you


that’s how i make soup


What kind of tupperware?


An Ex ordered this in Paris by mistake.

I couldn’t eat my dinner cause the smell was so strong.



Yeah, I’ve seen it done before and it not smell as bad, but I don’t know what she did to make it that awful.


Probably when unblocking a sink or drain.
Baby sick is proper grim as well


I’ve never had that but I heard it literally smells like shit. Is that true?


One with a blue lid.


Yes. Like shit and intestines and rotting stuff. It’s the worse.


Those first really yellow breastmilk shits are powerful stuff man.

Also, my dogs shits after he’s had chicken can be warcraft.


My mates foot at the end of leeds fest after not changing his socks all weekend when it had been raining every day


As a kid I went on a school trip near the end of summer term and found some dead crabs on the beach and me and some other lads decided to take them home as mementos. Got home, unpacked bag of clothes, forgot about dead crabs and chucked bag in the wardrobe for the rest of the summer.

Fast forward 6 weeks, and as if digging out the old school bag wasn’t depressing enough for a new school term, I had to scoop out some mystery goo and shell from the bag and hose it down outside. Nearly threw up so many times.