Worst things about working from home

  • TV assuming you’ll spend the entire day doing chores and having a moan when you don’t

That’s about it really

  • Having to pay for printing


TV not realising you’ve done loads of chores in your breaks then expecting a medal for emptying the dishwasher when he gets home


Vastly more limited options for nipping out to get lunch


“for FUCK’S sake, I’ve been WORKING!”

quietly deletes browser history


Dick blisters


Also: when you’re about to nip out for lunch then realise you’ve not put any trousers on yet


The opposite of this for me.




TV also being at home but not working and coming over every 5 minutes to ask for your opinion on something or if you can just quickly lend a hand with this, that or the other.




Area of home associated with misery and pain when home is supposed to be your safe space


Taking the piss out of you after overhearing you change how you speak in conference calls


One time in winter I got the log burner going and just dozed off. When I woke it was 1pm. It was lovely.

Felt a bit guilty though - hence “worst”.


Is this slang for having a shit?


Overcompensating to combat the idea that WFH is a doss and ending up being too productive


Boozy lunch feels less justified


Not being able to WFH


Internet going down and then having to take the day as leave because it’s not the company’s fault.


not actually getting any work done as you can’t stop watching tv and dicking around making coffee instead