Worst things you've bought lately


Bought a little ikea trolley and you have to bend little bits of metal grating to put it together but none of it fits. Total shite.

Got some plimsolls from primark which are plastic-y and shit. Probably gonna bin both tbh.

wbu tho


Poor Sainsbury’s salad bar salad. :frowning:


Hate my new bed and hate my new mattress.




Oof that’s big. What’s wrong with them?


Bed is too small, mattress is too hot.

Size is a symptom of the bedroom being a stupid shape which is part of my wider dislike of the flat we’ve moved to but given that wasn’t a purchase it didn’t seem appropriate for this thread.


Somewhere was doing an offer on pints of Coors
I know why ffs, why the hell did I think it’d go any differently


That’s a self-doing if i ever i heard one. Were auditioning a bass player in our old band and he brought us a 4 pack if coors light. Cheers mate but nah


7up mojito. Fido Dido would turn in his grave


Whilst Coors Light is a diabolical choice, I have to say at least it has the benefit of tasting of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Give me that over the stale, vomit-y taste of any other shit lager any day.


Only time I’ve ever bought that was to try to rehydrate while hungover. Huge mistake.


more Didon’t that Dido


I only bought it because I thought it was the standard 7up sugar free which is the current best soft drink, can’t believe how bad it tastes




I’ve got no beef with that statement. I don’t agree, but it’s up there.


ÂŁ6 on a chorizo and halloumi sandwich with sriracha in a ciabatta bun.

all the warning signs were there to tbh



Nah it is good, and a rare example of a diet drink being as good as the sugared version, tastes good at room temperature (coke and Dr Pepper seem to lose their flavour), still reasonable when gone abut flat. Plus you get a bonus 100ml


Only soft drink where the full fat option is superior is regular Coke in my humble honest opinion


Christ almighty