Worst thought you've had today


Just saw two people walking past my desk. First woman was carrying a Twix, was quite thin. Second woman was carrying an entire easter egg, was extremely…not thin.

I know that she was carrying it because she’s in charge of redesigning it. My mind didn’t want this to be the reason though.


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That worst one we all pretend we don’t have constantly rattling around our head, probably.

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Was wondering whether or not to do a towel wash before the regular weekly wash or to do the clothes first and then the towels. Drying space is at something of a premium and towels dry a bit quicker so I’ll probably do them first and then the clothes.

You have a lot to be thankful for if that’s truly the worst thing you’ve thought today.

Had a case of the epimers on the drive to work today, so probably the idle calculations of the logistics of what exactly to do if it all went horribly wrong.

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It’s the most boring thing I’ve thought today I think.

I can’t recall having any particularly dark thoughts today tbf

Not really a thought, but laughed at something that was quite mean.

We have new girl in the canteen whose English is pretty terrible. She makes lovely cakes and sells them at the coffee bar. She held up a lemon and asked one of the facilities guys how to spell it. Because of his quick thinking, there’s now a sign that says “beef cake - £1”.


I’m afraid to even type them out.

I’m in the ruffers/hyg camp here

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Sparta. They’re only the band At The Drive-In could have been.


Alright, this is the clear winner so far. Fucking hell.

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A very sexist thought about one of my colleagues who looks very lovely today. :frowning2:

I’m not entirely serious

I don’t see how that’s relevant.

So this thread’s a shortcut to anxiety city, amiright

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I think so. I hadn’t thought of the depths it could reach (mental issues, sparta). I feel bad.

Anyway, that woman’s eating the easter egg now, so I was kind of right.

:smiley: How the hell is she going to redesign it now?

The box is still in tact.

FOR NOW. Yeah?


This is fine. It’s the children who are wrong.

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Where is tact?