Worst travel experience?

No no no no no


There’s no limit?

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I think they’ve all been ok. I had to change trains loads once but that’s all I remember being annoying. having to get a taxi from Cornwall to Newcastle cause of fog was slow but more funny/ridiculous than anything else.

Wait, what?

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Family trip to London for NYE.
just didn’t really like it. Too many people

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Not had any truly terrible ones, was twice detained in Miami Airport but impact on my holiday was negligible and the second time I was prepared for it and took a book.

Being a large man and a light sleeper I cannot sleep on planes, so long overnight flights are very unpleasant for me. The 12 hour flight back from Singapore was a true dark night of the soul.

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What had you done? Or rather, what did they think you’d done?

My passport was less than 6 months old which is apparently a massive red flag when flying through America. I wasn’t told this at the time, just whisked into a room full of “carefully selected” travellers and told to wait. About an hour later someone called my name and we did the normal passport control thing and I was sent on my way. Same thing happened on the way back.

Find that immigration varies wildly between US airports, breezed through Atlanta and Houston but spent hours in Boston and JFK.

miami airport is a terrible place

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Spent 3 hours in a very hot queue in JFK, was miserable.

The day before new year a couple of years ago and all the planes were cancelled due to fog. Most people gave up and cancelled their plans or got trains to Exeter to get hotels and try from there instead on another day. I hung around with some Scottish people who said we should all rent a car but the rent a car place wouldn’t release any of their cars because people on the plane up in Newcastle had rented them all and they were stuck in Newcastle.

Someone who worked at another airline told us to wait around because eventually they have to deal with you and she was right!! At midnight, there were about 50 people left in the airport and they arranged taxis to get people to wherever they were meant to be going. It would have cost £1000 to get to Newcastle and the airline paid for it.

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Fellow light sleeper here, can’t sleep on planes at all.

Once flew to Singapore, leaving London about 8pm. Had travelled down from Scotland on the train as well. Put Big Hero 6 on at about 6am UK time to try and cheer myself up, instead remembered about the robot dying and just spent the whole film crying :hugs:

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Massively jetlagged and sleep deprived on a long flight I sobbed like a small child all the way through Real Steel.

Reel Steel is a film starring Huge Ackman where a father and son team overcome the odds to win big in a robot fighting league with their homemade fighting robot.


My parents took me and my three sisters plus a Labrador on a barge holiday to what was essentially Birmingham. We parked by a sewage works one night and the whole boat was filled with flies for the rest of the trip. My mother, who has always dealed very poorly with confined spaces, had a bit of a breakdown and went home early. Home was about 45 mins drive away. An all round bizarre holiday.


Sorry lads, still think this one is winning the thread…

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There was a lot more to it than that, but I was summing up a litany of disappointing experiences. Suffice to say we had a fucking miserable time.

I imagine it would be this.

Also found some footage from the cruise but don’t want to share it as it looked like 50,000 yer das dancing to Come on Eileen


Just came in here to post about clown cruise :clown_face:

If I can draw your attention to the “Brits are at again thread” you’ll see someone already has.

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