WORST tv chef - poll but chat also allowed

  • Simon rimmer
  • Rachel khoo
  • Paul Hollywood
  • James Martin
  • Valentine Warner

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MPW can fuck off
(saw this on here a few years ago)


Nigel Slater and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall also


They are both good at recipes but not Slater especially is a very awkward tv presence

Rachel Khoo :heart_eyes:


I HATE Rachel Khoo

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Woah woah woah… who can possibly have an issue with Rachel Khoo? She’s fantastic!


I was saying Rachel Khoo-urns.


I hate her so much

She seems fine but I hate her tiny kitchen and the way the whole show is built around having a quaint tiny kitchen

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Where’s the option for Nigella Lawson?

She has a flat Anthony.

It’s in Paris. Imagine that

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Someone at work emailed Paul Hollywood’s agent to have him make an appearance at her nephews’ charity baking event, the charity being one Paul Hollywood supports.

He asked for payment to make an appearance. She offered £100, even though it’s a charity and this would mean eating into the money raised.

They declined saying that this would not be enough money for Paul.

Fuck you Paul.


Gotta work with what you’ve got.

I’ve got a fucking bone to pick with my two favourite TV chefs.

Rick Stein (no he’s not a paedo and no theo @1101010 no one would rather be a paedo no one knows about cause you’re still a paedo) and Nigella.
They seem to both be doing this thing where they’re slopping food into their gobs and getting it everywhere. Like down their shirts or on their chin. Rick also keeps talking with his fucking mouth full.
Nigella has someone making extra slopping or stirring sounds which are irritating the life out of me.


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Show your working.

It’s a bit fucking Amelie though isn’t it

Don’t have to fucking go on about it all the time though. My kitchen has ONE drawer. ONE FUCKING DRAWER. If I was offered a TV chef gig I sure as shit wouldn’t use my tiny, shit kitchen and go on about it all the time, I would use a good kitchen in a studio somewhere

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Hollywood’s a fucking horrendous idiot but I think simply regarding cookery better than Martin

Can’t believe that’s worth having a pop at. I’d pretty much eat anything she put in front of me. She’s shit hot.