Worst website in the world?



fuck off pinterest.


I’m finding it quite useful for house stuff, hactually.


It’s 4chan, btw


Pinterest probably not in the worst million websites


i only ever go on it by accident when i’ve image searched for something and not realised it’s taking me to pinterest then i can’t click on the image or fuck all

just really really irksome

i don’t really understand what it’s actually for




surprised this took so long

but also */music


You can block Pinterest results from appearing on Google image search, for this reason




It’s terrible for house stuff. Your home will never look like that. It’s the interior design version of thinspiration. Nobody has a home this tidy.


Lmgtfy block Pinterest results appearing Google image search etc etc


Just sign up to Pinterest




Local council websites are generally fucking horrible. Ugly and absolutely labyrinthine to navigate. I frequently have to try and find policy documents on them and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a good one.


Storm front dot org


Never mind that, that. Gov.uk gateway is an absolute mess


Come on, surely it’s actually this shitshow…


The Apple shop in Wimbledon is called Stormfront. Came across some dodgy shit when I was Googling where in SW London I could get the battery replaced in my iPhones 6S.


As well as being the name of a white supremacy, the words “storm” and “front” don’t really make people think of computer bits, do they?


Worst thing for government stuff is stuff pre 2010 has been shoved on the national archive website where the original sites search function don’t work. Often have to go exploring on there for stuff that’s official statistics, think it might even break un rules on official statistics