Worst website in the world?

What a depressing room

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Our one is better than most but still has this problem. So many options in every section. The motor tax section is lunacy.


i’ve started just not reading any site that won’t let me fuck all targeted ads etc off

wonder if it’s made any difference to their traffic or if no one else cares

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I reckon it’s Facebook. Not the dodgy data harvesting stuff although that’s obviously awful. But it’s design is absolute toilet. So many buttons and links. So much bloated shit that nobody clicks on. Bollocks way of presenting information. The sooner it dies the better.


at least corkcoco sounds like it might be about clowns or something though

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If you’re on desktop, you can use the FB Purity plug-in - it cuts out all the crap.

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I am embarrassed every time I have to mention it on the phone.

local news websites that all owned by the same company and use the same template. Horrifically un-userfriendly.


i’m sure link in is bad, but i can easily manage to avoid it completely

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Difficult to choose only one of these, but I’d have to go with @epimer I think.

pinterest keeps getting me by accident

never been on link in by accident

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LinkedIn is actually very useful. And it can often be hilarious (the shit some people put on there jesus).

He has his own website now :scream:

Mate - you’d never get a set of tiger prints aligned that well.

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Watch me.

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It’s a weird one that. GDS have created something that’s both a massive success and a total failure all at the same time.

How are we 40 posts in with no mention of HMRC’s website? I would rather spend 24 solid hours on /b/ than 10 minutes on that shitshow.


Oh god. Horrible memories triggered just thinking about that website. Hours and hours just trying to log in.