Would anyone be kind enough to tell me how to create a tag?



Yes I could probably work it out but i’m busy. And I know it was fashionable in the old boards never to tell anyone stuff like this but we’re in a new, loving, sharing age now.


Just type any old shit in when you’re creating a thread mate


need DiS+ membership


Yeah, but what should he do differently?


it won’t let me mate! i mean it lets me type but when i hit return or tab it just disappears




Hmm, any ideas @sean ???


Mr Smee, have you ever been to Hotel du Vin in Winchester? I served a Mr Smee there once at the bar.


(sweet little Mr Smee)


hmm i dont think so. I have only been to Winchester once, for a meeting, which took place in a cafe on a little pedestrianised bit i think near the main square. i had a pannini but my colleague paid so I don’t know how you would have got my name unless you were eavesdropping and she was being uncharacteristically formal.


(Was a hotel so I knew everyone’s names through their tabs at the bar)

I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a couple of years, tbh :joy::joy::joy::joy:


it’s because you’re basic


Is this an ablist slur?


Someone has created at least one tag that I find quite offensive. To whom do I complain?



(where is he?)


wahey! check oot billy nae tags here!


sean stripped him of his powers and he’s been too ashamed to show his face since