Would anyone be up for a brief period of abstinence to raise money for charity?

Haven’t thought it through properly yet, but I need a stint off the booze and lose motivation easily. Thinking that the carrot of raising money for a good cause and the support of a group of people with similar goals might help.

Few thoughts:

  • 28 days off the booze or fags or doobies or junk food, etc.
  • everyone taking part chucks a small bit of money into the Rainy Day Fund each day (maybe the cost of one beer, cig, spliff, whatever)
  • those not taking part can promise a small donation for everyone who sees it through
  • we split the money between a charity and the fund (% for each to be decided)

There’s a few things we’d have to think through. Would be keen for it to be a positive safe space thing open to everyone and would want it done in a no pressure, fun way. Chip in only if you can, etc.

  • Up for a month off something
  • Not up for abstaining but could potentially chip in a few quid
  • Neither but good luck

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Might be a shite idea. Haven’t ran it past @colinzeal or the @DiSRainyDayFund people, but happy to follow their steer.


Mentioned it in the booze thread but im doing a month off beer. Happily donate a bit if I do it

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Hello. The hardship fund is still in a massive surplus, so I’d suggest this goes towards Sean’s costs or a charity.

Nice idea tho :+1:


Think insert DiSer, probably me could raise a fair amount abstaining from the boards.

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happy to chip in, especially if it helps people


I’d be up for something to put towards sean/the boards.

Don’t drink or anything but I could have a month off chocolate, is that even possible!? It’s my only pleasure :laughing:


Not abstinence related but have just launched this over in the other place


Only thing that springs to mind as an issue is that someone might feel worse than they already would for breaking abstinence if they break it while publicly trying for a good cause. Sure no-one on here would judge in the slightest, more about internal feelings of guilt etc.

Nice idea though, will happily chip something :+1:

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Come on, pals. We can absolutely blast this.

I was thinking this for the same reasons, but idea of continued lockdown without chocolate fills me with such dread

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Same. If I don’t have that to look forward to then its going to be bleak AF, but I’ll give it a shot