Would anyone like a Mr Kipling apple pie?


:green_apple: :pie:


I’d rather have a Mr Kipling Bakewell slice and/or a mini battenburg

But thank you :blush:


Big fan of those mini apple pies.


No way.

I’ll take a Cherry Bakewell if you’ve got one though?


you and @Witches are so bloody ungrateful!


A couple of them, shoved in the microwave for 30 seconds with a bit of cream or a little Ambrosia custard pot :ok_hand:


There are four left here. Please help yourself!


Do I need a uniform to get in the building though? I’m not Hitman.


Yes please


Ooh I’d love one. You got any custard?


Sorry Knickers but it’s well established that apple pie is my least favourite food.


Imagine apple pie being your least favourite food


I don’t have to imagine!




I do not, I am sorry about that.


What about apple crumble ant?


Same thing except eating crumble on it’s own and avoiding the filling is moderately nicer than just pastry


i am eating some grapes


i might finish them off, i am out of control


green or red?