Would anyone like to reminisce about much loved discontinued products?

You can still get them, we had some recently flavoured C&O.

how recently do the flavourings of crisps normally occur?

I won’t touch anything flavoured more than 72 hours prior.

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Crumble Corners on the whole are very much missed.

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Greggs chicken New Orleans sandwich

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Can’t really remember what Astro’s were but their adverts were pretty iconic.

don’t believe anyone could tell the difference between any greggs not plain chicken sandwiches.

not even gregg himself

Nah this one was great. Big wedge of bread, chicken in a slightly spicy/mango chutneyish? mayo with red onion and sweet corn and lettuce. It was the king of sandwiches and you could smell it on you and any room your eaten it in for hours. RIP

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Gino Ginelli tutti frutti flavour ice cream


Tab clear.

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Walkers Sensations fiery chipotle crisps

the jerk chicken ones are adequate, I guess



Mars delight, the perfect high street chocolate bar. unfairly tainted by salmonella


I don’t know if they still do it - I haven’t seen it in forever - but I loved the Sainsbury’s Peach and Raspberry Strudel so much as a kid. I reckon if I had it now my whole being would collapse from sheer melancholy nostalgia and utter deliciousness.

Haven’t seen boasters cookies for awhile

Coconut Kit Kat Chunky

Wispa Mint


Fry’s five fruits

seemingly, Passionfruit and Apple Old Mout :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

the cadburys spira really was a new avenue of experimentation in the realm of confectionary that has never really been matched since, a real watershed moment in the field of chocolate architecture and one I hope will inspire a new generation of modernists