Would anyone perhaps fancy doing some sort of DiS hiking group? *likely south/south east centric*

Very much like walking and talking and you guys and would like to do more regular hiking and was seeing if anyone else would be interested maybe doing a group where once a month we arrange a hike and maybe sometime tie that in with other fun avtivities

Also looking to do less drinky activities and litter my weekends with healthier options

Anyways let me know wot u lot think


Can’t always guarantee attendance, but yeah, love a walk, love Dissers and love countryside, so count me in. Know enough of the South downs between Winch and Brighton to chip in with ideas for routes ect


Oh yeah no obligation at all. Sorry need to clarify that :sweat_smile:

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Quite like what a mate of mine is doing with the north Downs way. Chipping it off in sections. Could look at doing similar with the SDW? 10-15 mile sections from one end to the other. Might involve a bit of logistics with cars parked either end and train stations planned nearby, but worth a think about.

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Anyway, yeah, this sounds aces and well up for a walk when I get an opportunity.

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Yeah deffo. Like shit like this to keep me motivated with fitness n ting.

Yes pls

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Uhh I can’t do south east but this is a lovely idea and if anybody wants to form a north west splinter group I’m in


Yeah in my original title i suggested other people could do sllinter groups in different locals but it was too long for the ttile and i forgot to copy it over to the main body of the post :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Would be very interested tbh. Spend all my free Saturdays wandering around Hertfordshire footpaths.

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Potentially in. Was up for the Box Hill meet 4 or 5 years ago that didn’t happen.

I’d happily come down to Brighton, by car or train.

Though there is loads of countryside here near Caterham, including the North Downs Way and Surrey Hills. Also zone 6 on an oyster for Londoners.

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Oh yeah. Whilst we will plan hikes to/from or around Brighton i want to extend it to as much of the region as possible for

A) variety


B) open it up as many users as possible rather than treating it as a Brighton meet group

Thats why i suspect (myself included) people will pick n choose dates throigh out the year they can come

This but (West) Midlands.


This but Yorkshire / North East.

Would love to get involved in this, if dogs are welcome. I’m right on the Kent / Sussex border, so Brighton and surrounding area is fine by me. Equally happy to plot routes in Kent if others are up for it.


Dogs are encouraged


I’m up in the north east a few times a year, visiting friends and family. I’d happily go out for a hike with any DiS group in the region.

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Do you guys know what splits the difference between the

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Seriously though, there are some lovely walks, Edale train station’s half-way between Manchester and Sheffield, and has some lovely districty peaks nearby.


Someone should do this exact thread but for Scotland-centric

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I’m currently still a bit breathless after having Covid but hopefully that’ll improve.

I’m always up for a hike and I need to see more of the South Downs.

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