Would be funny if someone used a 5 pound note to buy a pack of crisps for £1 and when the shopkeeper hands over the four pound change

They give a quid back and say ‘and a bag for yourself mate’


I don’t get

Edit: oh a bag of crisps

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Yes but with bags of cement instead of crisps.

Would it be funny if someone went into a McDonald’s, approached the counter, inhaled through their teeth like this :grimacing: and asked “do you sell crisps…? No? Ok then” and walked out.

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Buy yerself something nice

Do bags of crisps cost a £1 nowadays??


Big ones do

Oh yeah, guess so.

Not so much funny as generous then

As kids if me or my brothers ever bumped into the old lady who lived next door when out and about she used to get her purse out and give you 50p or something and say GO AND GET YOURSELF SOME TOFFEES

Good ol’ Jemima Rodriguez. A dear soul.