Would be funny if you went to Costa or something


and when it’s your turn to get served you just do this:


Marcus Wareing points at a chef on Masterchef Professionals and says ‘you’re fired’


You should just get that first 16 seconds of uncomfortable silence and make a 5 minute video of that.


Still get all the cringe watching this.




@AphexTwinkletoes to thread


Lol I was going to do the same to you last night. (Invite you to the thread, that is, not call you up and not quite say anything for the first 17 seconds)


This morning, not last night.

^^^^ Great post


She’s still great. You’re all doofuses (doofi?)


Dont know how anyone could listen to her without being totally embarrassed (both for yourself and her)


Mate, she’s got a jam jar of wine and she’s rolling smokes.


I’ve been sleeping in a stable, mate.


Fine, I’m biting, again. Why are you embarrassed for her and her listeners?


I’ve been sleeping in a stable, mate
I’d still be weeding if I were able, mate
But sometimes people want to hurt us
Truth. Come at us like berserkers.
And mate. It’s not even like I hate it
I don’t want anything if you can’t break it
Like life. Life is what’s important.
Try something fun, try something discordant.
And breathe. Remember to take it in.
Because soon enough, we all wear thin
And if you hold it too hard it gives
Stabs you up like a million shivs
On the street. With my shoes off.
I believe. We choose or choose not.


That took two minutes. This shit is easy.


She and they eat food from cans, mate.


The ‘mate’ thing is used here in the same way that the ‘N’ word is used in lots of hip-hop verses to punctuate several lines in quick succession and, presumably, address the listener.


Obvs by KT, not sadpunk :wink:


I use it as an instruction.