Would be well annoying if this happened

Surfs up!

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What i’d like to see is it being announced it’s happening and everyone being feral for a couple of weeks as they know it’s gonna be over soon so you need to enjoy yourself and then it burning up completely in the atmosphere with no problems and everyone going “oh better go apologise do dave for biting his chickens head off”


The lyrics aren’t exactly about an asteroid strike though

Yeah yeah here we go y’all
Here we here we here we go y’all
Busta rhymes Flipmode y’all
Yeah yeah y’all extinction level event shit
Bomb threat to the whole world
What what what is going on
What the fuck going on here
Check it out yo
Holy amazing grace about face
Total erase you niggas off the face of the place
Such a shame I had to go grab the calico
Pass the dough before you find out what I had to blast you for
Extreme laws for ones who did try to go against this
Wet your shit up like a sloppy tongue kiss
But don’t know what you talking about
Without a doubt where my live niggas give me a shout
On the strength shit niggas check for
Connect the four shots and guess who blew it from next door
Time after time we gonna shine again
Feel it like a broad getting fucked from behind again
Ay yo, I be the closest thing to the next
Like the pain and suffering of about a million deaths
I’m only here to present
And bring the impact of the extinction level event
Sing the song of salvation
La la la la la la la
(What y’all gonna do where the fuck you gonna go)
La la la la la la la
(Where the fuck y’all niggas gonna run
Where y’all niggas think y’all running to son)
La la la la la la la
(Bomb threat to the world
What the fuck going on with y’all niggas out here)
La la la la la la la
(We are now a soldier at dawn
Of glory emergency motherfuckers)
Yo, disregard your whole assignment
Crooked ass nigga need some realignment
Now all refinement
Crazy shit that do make me wanna know where my mind went
Blacking out building hostility getting violent
Straight giving niggas an ass whipping on consignment
Then I bust your shit 'til the day of my whole retirement
Shaking and rattle like we ready to battle
Fight seeing at every angle like a motherfucking satellite
Quickly bust up your crotches and fuck up your process
Bouncing in like even saying adios or even buenos notches
Have y’all niggas wilding having a fit
Flame throwing lyrics like a bunch of blowtorch in this shit
Grand spectacular, chainsaw massacre
Thug fanatics street shit that be on the creep coming after you
Then we hit you with the most significant time bomb
Ready to designate at the slightest wave of a white arm
Best form of advice I could give is remain calm
The repercussion is something you could never imagine would be going on
Never believe in your eyes
When my squad some through at an astronomically large size
Moving the mountains
Keeping all of my niggas bouncing
Big up my bitches in the place who be screaming and shouting
I’m only here to present
And bring the impact of the extinction level event
Sing the song of salvation
La la la la la la la
(Once again as we welcome all motherfuckers in the world)
La la la la la la la
(To experience the extinction level event)
La la la la la la la
(The dawn of global emergency)
La la la la la la la
(The moment where we all come together as one unison)
La la la la la la la
(And completely dominate all global events)
La la la la la la la
(We about to completely destroy all the whack bullshit)
La la la la la la la
(That we got going on in our every and any reach)
La la la la la la la
(All my live niggas all my live bitches it’s motherfucking on)
La la la la la la la
(As we enter the new millennium with this rap shit)

New Roland Emmerich film looks sick




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Be some good TikToks from it I reckon so lose a penny find a penny


Oh wow, so… the earth wouldn’t shatter into bits it would absorb it? Weird.

Anyway yes, at this point I wouldn’t be too surprised if this happened in our life time :laughing:

asteroid near miss*

Every thousand years
This metal sphere
Ten times the size of Jupiter
Floats just a few yards past the Earth

If you climb on your roof
And take a swipe at it
With a single feather
Hit it once every thousand years

'Til you’ve worn it down
To the size of a pea
Yeah, I’d say that’s a long time
But it’s only half a blink in the place we’re going to be