Would hate being a parent to young teenage boys

Can’t think of a worse version of human than that. Makes me cringe now remembering when my voice was breaking and how unbelievably annoying I was. Just nothing likeable about them at all.


Average age?



Honestly would be the best bit about being a parent.

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I think I was fine tbh. I did start drinking at that age thoughhhh :grimacing:

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My kids are currently 14 and 16 and flip with no warning from utterly charming to horribly rude.

The best way is to say ‘it is a confusing time for a young man, your hormones are all over the place aren’t they??’ They then grunt and leave.

I think it is a very awkward age and am trying my best to be patient with it all. Pointing out the need to apply spot cream, wash or shave are things that need delicate handling :rofl:


Going to steal this and keep it in the back pocket for 7 years time


I was ok ish, what i offered in politeness to parentals i made up for in abject worry through drinking, smoking and sniffing aerosols :grimacing:

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Gonna be tough with 2 boys. Might get the garage converted and live in there.
I was a drinking, smoking and other stuff from about age 13, but was kind of aloof and just out doing my own thing and doing well in school, so doubt my mum was too worried.
Obviously tell my kids I was a paragon of virtue and expect them to be the same……


Deeply insecure, anxious and probably very rude to my parents as a teenager. Intrusive thoughts had started due to OCD.

My 2 are 11 and 10 so it’s just around the corner… but at the moment they are total dreamboats. Couldn’t ask for a nicer pair of humans.


I threw a jar of coffee from the stairs to the living room floor. Didn’t smash or anything tbf. I was fuming about something.

I was just a pleasant little chap. A pure delight

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My mum once sent me down the road to get some potatoes for tea and I just came back with a big snickers and nothing else. She was fuming and told me to go again and I just refused. What an arsehole I was, not sure what I was thinking :joy:
Am a good lad now for my mum now though #topson #goldenboy


I was probably the type you should worry about most TW bullying/mental health/ideation - outwardly calm, doing well at school, polite and friendly with parents and other adults, involved in multiple out of school activities, lonely, bullied, ashamed, increasingly hopeless, keeping it all inside and giving serious thought about doing something irreversible. It all felt so normal.

Only with years of hindsight did I realize how… unwell I was. When things improved I improved, and I feel very lucky to have decent mostly mental health these days but it took fucking years (like 10+) to entirely process those years.

This is what keeps me up at nights about my kids. Not drinking or smoking or sex or drugs, but the fact that they might hide being unhappy until it is too late.


My parents said I was a pleasure; mainly because I never got caught - if they knew the half of it…

My brother on the other hand redecorated the house with vomit on Christmas Eve aged 15… he turned out a good un though

I did some post-scrumpy redecoration aged 16, but had been drinking and smoking since age 14, and having fun, smiley nights from the age of about 15 onwards.

37 you were etc etc


I’m glad you’re out the other side of that awful experience - a proper parental fear that one :frowning:

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