Would I lie to you


Please use this thread to post stories that have happened to you

We can then guess if it’s TRUE or A LIE

What fun


I once beat Usain Bolt in a 100m sprint in the London 2012 Olympics gold medal event.


I have told this story before but someone had the nerve to park in the JAPES space!
So I decided if they were going to inconvenience me I wud inconvenience them. I was mid way though letting there tyres down when a muscle man and his wife came back. Fortunately I was covered by my car so they cudnt see me letting the tyres down but I wasn’t completely sure of this at the time. I was shitting my pants that they had seen but didn’t wasnt sure. They were obviously in the wrong and thought I was quite angry. They semi apologised and I sort of said ok. Then I jumped in my car and had to do a million point turn to get out of the way, all the while sweating it that they would notice the tyre. It was in the back of my mind that I had pump in the back of my car so if they had noticed I cud have pumped it up to avoid fistycuffs but that wud have been a very low point in my life. Probably wiped out a family in a blow out related crash but that’s the risk you take parking in someone elses spot ( I did worry about this for a while afterwards)


I created a poll with my wild lie / shocking truth to make it easier to track the votes.

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Did you get arrested for it?


I can’t remember how but I managed to spill some of that carex antibacterial gel (that looks like jizz) onto a toilet floor, I noticed it and thought “I better clean that or someone will think I’ve been masturbating in here”. I forgot and only remembered as I walked out and a lady came walking in passed me.


Once I killer a man properly.




I drank shots with Daniel Sturridge’s uncle

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cool story.


I meaning me or I meaning you?




I’m not sure what the anecdote version of letting your tyres down is but mark my words you have it coming!


seems different somehow when i read it back


I’ve met the ACTUAL Papa John. The bloke on the boxes.

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I once played backing banjo while the actor who played Sanjay on eastenders busked a freestyle Urdu rap on the streets of London

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I voted with what I wanted it to be.




I was ballboy for England v Denmark at Wembley