Would it be silly to drive from Brighton to Manchester and back in a day?

Well would it?

My daughter’s recovering from glandular fever so I don’t want to make her get the train or coach or whatever

  • Yes it would be silly
  • No it would be perfectly sensible

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5 hours? I don’t think you should do this.


road trip, sounds fun

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Go up the night before and turn it into a fun trip


M25 and M6 both ways in a day. Madness. Best case scenario 10hrs driving. Could easily be 14

depends if the 2 hours you’ll spend there will be worth it i guess

Exactly - not a gruelling red bull fuelled 10 hour hell trip.

What’s the context here?

I actually quite like a long day of driving - I’ve done it before when I’ve gone to collect something I’ve bought from Ebay or whatever.

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If you get some good podcasts/playlists, driving can be a entertaining way to spend a day. Plus, if you’ve got a strong reason you can justify it

Yeah if you’re going to hit both rush hours: not so good. But it’s the sort of things football fans do all the time. Perfectly do-able on a weekend or if you avoid the rush hours.

good dadding imo


I get a bit sleepy driving tbh

I’ve driven from Surrey to Manchester and back in a day to go to a football game. It’s doable but i probably wouldn’t do it again.

Seems like a nice thing to do

Seems sensible to me

It’s just to take my daughter back to uni

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Oh definitely do it. She’d probably appreciate the gesture and the company too if she’s not been well.

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Oh I’m deff gonna do it, it’s just whether I decide to spend the night in a travel lodge or something and drive back the next day


Ah okay. TBH I’d probably do it there and back in a day (as long as I was in good health that day etc) - you could always check in at a service station Travelodge or even have an hour’s kip in the car if the return leg is getting a bit much.