Would it be silly to drive from Brighton to Manchester and back in a day?

Whilst stationary, obvs


Yeah I was thinking this, just check in to a service station hotel on the way back if I’m getting tired


I’ve done oxford to Glasgow and back in under 24 hours although I had a nights sleep in between. Take some breaks and it should be fine but if you start to feel tired just pull over and get a hotel.

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My mate Jim has done it multiple times to pick his son up from uni there (these days he also goes via Liverpool for his other son).

He loves it - puts together a massive playlist and goes with it

(GWS Tim’s daughter)

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I would do this - I did Leeds and back in 24hrs recently and that was pretty brutal driving wise so having a night’s kip in Leeds was great

Only takes a minor accident or bit of congestion to make it a humungous pain in the arse

Really nice thing to do, for sure.

I’d get a hotel in Manchester though. Either take your daughter out for something to eat when you get there if she’s feeling up to it, or just go for a couple of drinks/explore on your own and take advantage of being in a different city, and then drive back more refreshed the following day.

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Yeah, definitely this, best of both worlds (if you can take the time off work or whatever).

courses these days are far too easy