"Would it help if I got out and pushed?"

“It might!”

  • Vehicles aren’t generally pushed in that universe even when broken down (they’re space ships or floating cars, why push them?), Princess Leia is referring to another practice, which is known to the characters but obscure to the viewer
  • Vehicles are pushed when broken down in Star Wars, in the same way as someone on planet earth (our planet) may push a Vauxhall Nova to get it moving if the usual ignition procedure proves ineffective. Princess Leia is sarcastically offering to do this, and Han Solo is fighting sarcasm with sarcasm, developing a crucial character dynamic
  • Legitimate Star Wars ambiguity

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Nice threadwork

Thank you

Would imagine pushing a broken landspeeder back home would be a pile of suck, given that you would assume the repulsor drive would be shot and it would just be a dumb sled. But hey, you could try it.


Sandcrawler comes to an unexpected halt.

Threepio: Would it help if I got out and pushed?



I mean surely the bigger question is:

  • The Millennium Falcon is named after a falcon
  • They don’t have falcons in the Star Wars universe so WTF?
  • Legitimate Star Wars ambiguity

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they had womp rats that luke would cruel slaughter for sport, maybe they had womp falcons too


it was originally called the “millenium vulcan” after spock, but everyone misheard

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there are wheeled vehicles in star wars


Thus it is a colloquialism that would make sense. Wouldn’t want to push start this though


glad to have cleared this up. @mods shut it down


star wars is the the simpsons of space opera

  • agree
  • disagree

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In the sense that it has a defining point where it got crap and therefore I no longer believe it to exist? Yes. Yes it is.

(That point, by the way, is when they decided that all of the expanded universe books were no longer canon and therefore attempted to erase my childhood. Well suck it, George Lucas, because for me there are three films and a bunch of fair to pretty good novels and that’s all I need.)

I don’t want to live in a world in which Grand Admiral Thrawn never existed, basically


There should be more underwater star wars

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TIE fighters

  • Look like bow ties
  • But they don’t have ties in Star Wars :hushed::exploding_head:
  • There are actually loads of bow ties in Star Wars, what shoe chatting about?
  • Ions my arse

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You’re thinking of the fast and the furious

oh im always doing this, sorry everyone

My mistake…

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He’s in Rebels, he’s full cannon.
You can relax.

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