Would really appreciate if it folk could stop f'in about with thread titless


Will probably ban anyone who fucks with this one.

Sort yourselves out.

Monday evening thread

Why on earth dontyou guys get rid of it? Its madness


I’m gonna ask sean to do it. I don’t have any power over stuff like that.


woah! someone got out of the bed on the wrong side this morning!


Not really. It’s just annoying and childish.


yeah, you’re right




i dont even know how you do it


the pencil at the end of the title


i dont have that?


you’re only a member

you don’t have THE POWER


you and I and some of the others with lives don’t have the ‘regular’ badge yet, which is when you get the ability


i can live with that



I became a regular in the middle of the night!

So. Much. Temptation.


@sean did you change the level at which you get the ability to edit titles? I’d assumed previously it was locked to the Leader level, where you might have a few people who can do these changes.

It’s possible people will get over it? You get one edit every 24 hours so better to use it to move threads to the right place and add relevant tags, eh?


lol aye that’s how the internet works



I just changed Theo’s thread title, but that was to improve it. Normally, its completely unacceptable.

Also, can we ditch the edit posts function as well? Hate it so much.


but you only get like a minute to make an edit - so is that a problem?

That said with an edit function we may never get gold like this again:


what do you mean champ?


The three minute period where you can edit your posts.

I think it’s fine.