Would this annoy you


If every morning those porridge wrappers were left on the kitchen counter when there’s a bin two metres to the right. Note the drops of milk as well.


Yes. Yes it would.


Yes - just like our work kitchen, and most probably everybody else’s






makes my blood boil


I’m absolutely fuming for you


Just leaving them there (plus the bits of kitchen roll and watercress or whatever it is), seeing them for consecutive days in the morning knowing you’re responsible for it, not only not cleaning it but adding more to it. In a communal area. Bring on nuclear armageddon. Please.


people really are fucking savages, aren’t they. I couldn’t let shit like this slide


yeah, don’t do that dude. confront the animal in a controlled manner and put a stop to this once and for all


I meant that’s what he’s doing


It would annoy me and you would be in your rights to kick the fuck off about it.


Yeah. Every day pick it up and put it on their bed. Never admit to doing it EVER.


But yeah that’s not going to happen cos I’ve not got an assertive molecule in my body. He also wakes me (and presumably the others) up every single morning by letting the kitchen door and front door slam but I’ve already made a thread about that

It’s identical behaviour to a housemate in my previous place. Their id is too dominant.


Break them by simply binning their porridge and never ever admit it’s you. Suggest in fact that they might be doing it in their sleep.


in the past, yes. i’m getting a new perspective on things though, lot of stuff just doesn’t matter at the end of the day.


It would annoy me only a little, but if I asked that person to stop doing it and then they ignored me I’d be raging.


really dude? the bin is within throwing distance. this shit is inexcusable


i’ve gone through so much of this stuff with houses and housemates, you’re only wasting your own energy on it. people are going to do what they do.


in my experience, these people will never change, at least not whilst they are living with you.
Either learn to put up with it, or start engaging in some needlessly petty yet satisfying activities against the person.