Would this be a good game?

Here’s how it works - a user describes a band or artist they are familiar with, anything from a biography of said band, to personal stories such as gigs attended or favourite albums. Other users can then claim familiarity with the band, OR can accuse the original poster of making the band up. The original person then has to either prove the bands existence or admit they were lying. People who make correct accusations win points - those who get it wrong are ELIMINATED.

Would this work?

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I think everybody who played this game would have a lovely time and, at the end of their experience they might say “that was a good game, wasn’t it!”



are we doing it or just talking about doing it?

I think this would go down very well with the quizzers.

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Might as well give it a shot:


I went to see this band about eight years ago in Camden. I went because my then girlfriend, now wife, went to university with them (she didn’t know them, but they were well known around campus). They were kind of preppy, poppy, had a keyboard, a bit Weezerish.

I do not know this band

But do you think I have invented them for the purpose of this game?

Not heard of them, but I don’t think you’re making them up.

Do I win?


never heard of them

what do i do now? do i have to guess fake or real?

I guess in this instance you are neutral and are ineligible to win points.

I think they’re the real deal and I’d love to go see them sometime, if you’re free?

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shit game then, bye

I’m not sure, we’re workshopping this on the fly, it’s a very exciting time.


I’d like to play this:


Might be easier just to play ‘guess the band’ where you describe a real band and people have to guess?

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I’m afraid they are in fact a REAL BAND.

Japes looses points.

Maybe the easiest way to do this is have a poll of real or fake after each band, and you win points for guessing correctly?


went to see this little known rapper at the Wizard’s Sleeve in Aberystwyth when I was on my honeymoon.

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