would ye hurryup and start the evening thread


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Happy Friday eve everyone. Its essentially my Tuesday evening. Wife has come in from work and decided she wants table pizza. So we’re having table pizza. Yay!

Apart from that, did some moving of utilities to new addresses and got a new deal on broadband. Feels like a good job done. Gonna get #somebeers and watch crufts, because why the hell not.


This evening is just a big salty pretzel dipped in American mustard.
My presentation on the Libya conflict went swimmingly and I got a few laughs which was frankly unexpected.but now I’m left eating chocolate and feeling aloneeeeeee


Evening all. Gonna have Local Indian for takeaway tonight and watch a comforting and familiar film (though probably shouldn’t watch Wayne’s World as I watched it fairly recently)

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Necked a couple pints, bit squiffy and listening to whitney houston. On my way to pick up vietnamese food, then gonna watch a week’s worth of masterchef in a night. Hopefully in bed by 1030pm. :ok_hand:


There’s 2 Masterchef’s on tonight.

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Table pizza has been kiboshed. An hour and a half wait for pizza. Fuck off meight

Very well aware, my man.

Long and pretty stressful day. Got spicy bean burgers, wedges and peas for tea and gonna watch some true crime trash.


Whatever’s on CBS Reality I think, cba to choose a specific one. Medical Detectives atm.

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Reason number 274638 I’m moving back to spain - you’re no more than 10 minutes away on foot from a decent night out. Looking at about 2 hours travel from now and I’m already in fucking sludgetown.


Got a Thai curry on the go, and off to some stand-up gig at one of Leeds’ trendier venues. A good end to my one day of work this week (on industrial action, don’t get too jealous)

Sludge is everywhere mate, you dont need to travel.

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There was one sludgebeer gaff in town when I moved to Spain. It had closed down about 6 months later.



Cant believe you called yourself a londoner smh

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Still am - a bit like the free French government in exile during ww2. The sludge craze will surely pass, and I’ll be there when it does

Taken me 1hr 10m to go 2 miles. Fuck off, london.


West London is truly the apocalypse though.

We have had a local Indian. Now it’s wine and internet for the evening. Not watched any MasterChef, not sure I have the time to dedicate.

Poor @rich-t hope you get an adequate replacement. Remember when we had table pizza??