Would you accept the position of Mayor of your hometown?

Londoners, please assume I mean your borough, rather than the city as a whole

Would I have to live there?

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You Don’t HAVE to live there, but your subjects might get a bit miffed if you decided to phone it in

Fuck that then, Clonmel can shove it.


Of course.

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I’ve just looked up the current mayor of my London borough, and she is about a thousand times more qualified for the job than me, so no, obviously.

no way, fuck them

Who’s them?

No disrespect to any mayors but do you really need a qualification beyond having a passion for your local area?

the people of fife

Good god no. Total non event of a town.

Perhaps you could put it on the map!

If you mean where I live rather than where I grew up, then yes. If not, yes, but I’m not moving back or interacting with them in any way.

yes, but only because I think the people deserve me

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It would be a struggle

I think we are most famous for roundabouts but we’re not even the most famous place that has roundabouts :woman_shrugging:

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current provost of fife is jim leishman


First, you have to be elected to the local council. Second, it helps if you been on the council for some years. Third, having served as Deputy Mayor gives you additional experience. And finally, the Mayor gets to choose a specific charity to support and raise funds for throughout their year in office, so having worked in the voluntary sector for over two decades is a distinct advantage.

This woman has done it all. I have achieved nothing.

A ceremonial mayoral position, or the leader of the council?

I’d say no to both, but I’d like to be clear on exactly what I’m rejecting.

would prefer to be the ombudsman.

Yeah, obviously. First step on my journey to being crowned Sheriff of Devon.