Would you accept the position of Mayor of your hometown?

Yeah, this is a pretty critical distinction.
If it was a non-exec role, or something that only needed less than 10 hours input per week (i.e. a couple of evenings and a bit of paperwork catch up at weekends) then fine.

For my actual job, no thanks.

There’s nothing you can possibly offer that would entice me back to Airdrie.

My home town had one of the first directly elected mayors after the legislation was passed.

Probably? It’s not my favourite place but I think it would be a great challenge, and it would certainly tick the boxes for a lot of my interests in a job.

My friend’s dad just got made mayor of my hometown and his brother just got made deputy mayor.

you’ve got a real mayorly aura about you imo

i’d trust you with all that bling

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One of old school friend’s dad has just been chosen as mayor of [QUAINT MARKET TOWN] and he served on the council for a couple of years and had a weekly column in the local newspaper about his walks around [QUAINT MARKET TOWN] . Within reach I would say

Would probably have to talk to Jonny Mercer. Fuck and no.


Unfortunately it’s the former

[QUAINT MARKET TOWN] is very different from an inner London borough.

Not even a big chain?

Not even a Ben’s Cookies.

Yep. Just to save all the music venues and and invest in a few Greek restaurants

Of course. And I’d make my first move developing a new winter sports complex.


Oh I’d be full on corrupt Juke. If you want to get planning for anything in Devon or the freedom of the county or whatever, you need only to ask. I trust you to return the favour, should I ever need one :wink:

You’re telling me!

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DiS football would disagree

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Shit yeah. Do you think it would matter that the Sheriff of Devon had an ex girlfriend who was involved in a minor political scandal and had a habit of selling her story to national newspapers?

you’re such a tease


That’s genuinely as much as you can know I’m afraid.