Would you acknowledge a second-tier friends engagement in the form of a gift?

my friend has recently got engaged. I’m going over to his gaff later for dinner.

up until this very morning, I thought I’d just buy a card, but today I’m torn and thinking maybe I need to actually buy a gift of sorts.

as I said, this ain’t one of my all timers. second tier. probably wouldn’t bail me outta a Moroccan jail on some jumped up charges, or know what my favourite way to cook an egg is, for example.


Nah, card is fine. Don’t think I’ve ever got an engagement gift for all-timers. Wedding gift for sure, engagement gift? Nah man, seems made-up to me.

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john lewis voucher

Bottle of wine and a big candle or whatever, bush bash bosh

oh hell, yeah for the wedding, aint shit for engagement.

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If you’re taking round a bottle of wine and some after dinner mints, then a card will be fine.

couple of snags should cover it

indeed. I mean, you wouldn’t buy a gift for someone who had been provisionally offered a job, would you? no, you wouldn’t

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7-8 bananas

one of my best mates just got engaged, only got a card. better to get something special for the wedding