Would you be able to identify your hands in an anonymous hand parade?

Oh shit, it’s happening!!!

just read thoruhg the thread and approximately 50% of replies are from fellow eczema bitches. what are the chances


We’d have to take pictures on very plain backgrounds or have the backgorund removed, otherwise people will be able to CHEAT by just spotting their desk, sofa, etc in the picture instead of it being palm-centric

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Do you have any eczema on your hands?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I would prefer not to let people know yet so as not to sway the Great DiS Hand Parade 2019

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I will make a new thread for the entries

Fun fact: Eminem’s Stan is famous for having sweaty palms (and weak knees), I bet Stan could find his own hand from a hand parade

Handson - Mmmbop

cant believe this

Are you calling them… liars!?

ban them all pls

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His palms are itchy, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s eczema on his hands already, mom’s spaghetti



have you seen my tan lines ffs

Got a big scar on my palm so easy



Are you wearing hand gloves?

I guess plasticniki for this one


Worked in hospitality for years and I’m ridiculously injury prone, so my hands are riddled in small scars. Would be a piece of piss to guess them.

That hand twin plot in FRIENDS

  • Awful
  • Really really bad
  • Hilarious

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Easily. My hands are awful and very unladylike. Could pick them out of a line up with ease.
Stupid hands!

Does it matter about the white background since it’s other people that are guessing now?