Would you be able to name every single person in your office?

I wouldn’t be able to.

Feel free to use this thread to attempt to name every single person in your office (but please use fake names to ensure their anonymity is maintained).

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Yes, there are 6 of us. I think the critical number is probably about 25 for me.

Absolutely not. I know about four people on this floor, the rest are a revolving cast of no-marks who get “Happy birthday! Dr Epimer PhD” on whatever occasion card gets waved under my nose.

Yeah, I can remember two names.

Not even my own team

nope - its a massive open plan affair with loads of different departments I have nothing to do with

I’ve counted, it’s actually seven.

There are only a dozen of us here, all in the same room, so yes.

I have worked for companies with 100+ staff, and that took me a month or two to remember all of their names (I had to draw out a desk plan and label it up, like a teacher in September).

Yes - there are about 40 people working here but I am smart and attentive

His name is ant, or tone. H2H

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  • Yes
  • No

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It’s just me and the dog. So yes.


Do you mean know their existing names, or make up names for them?

I mean you say that but you’ve blatantly forgotten the dog’s name in this post.

never more than ten people here, so probably

Nope. Pretty close but there’s a few I blank on.

I’d have a good go. I reckon I could get maybe 70 out of 120

My most recent card was signed by someone with “Happy birthday! Lots of love, [no-mark]”

No idea who they are.

I think I can name 5. Let me have a go:


Yeah, did it. Fake names above to maintain anonymity though.

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I know the names that matter