Would you be comfortable being in senior managment/could you imagine being a senior manager?

Some of you Tories already are but are you comfortable up there in yor ivory towers?

It’s proper bo m8, especially if you’re a technical manager and don’t have to be anyone’s boss.

I can imagine being balonz’ line-manager

Ive notice subtle power moves by senior management types, like coming to a meeting all relaxed and informal, hands behind the head stuff, yet if a subordinate did that they wud be very unhappy.

He lives in East Anglia so you are set really.

Can we just draw a line from the start? If you’re not responsible for more than 50 people’s jobs then you’re not a senior manager. If you dispute this because you manage fewer than 50 people and have the job title “senior manager” then know that you work in the public sector and that title is what you’ve got instead of a payrise.


sorry son you cant have the best of both, yor in management not senior management, and working for yourself also doesn’t count as senior management.


I think I know who it is

Posts as saps I believe.


It can be very difficult managing troublesome employees.

Having momentarily and disastrously dipped my toe in the whole “senior management” pond I know for an absolute fact that I would never be comfortable being one and definitely never will be one.

Absolutely not. Technically I’m “management” on the internal company grading but that’s only because patent twats get paid too much, I don’t have any managerial responsibilities.

In fact my only career goal is to never be anyone’s manager.

In my office they have to spout so much bullshit, I couldn’t do it with a straight face. Proper management speak, and do so with gusto. They have to care too, if shit goes down on a Sunday, they are on it. I’d simply ignore my phone. I don’t like telling people what to do. Nah.


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Haha - my job title IS senior manager. I’m responsible for one person.

I was a manager for years, and because I was good at my job and more experienced than the other managers, I was made into a senior manager.

Arguably though, I’m not senior management.

I would feel like an imposter for sure

Is it possible to be a senior manager with no direct reports?
I manage all of my divisions systems through liaison with the it dept and 3rd parties and make long term strategic decisions regarding the systems and processes which the ops directors have to cascade.
My line manager is the MD and im in the smt but i dont actually manage anyone.

I quite like managing small teams. Once you step up to bigger ones though then it’s all about the bullshit, and I just couldn’t look myself in the mirror.

With chat like that I believe you are a senior manager