Would you be willing to be incarcerated in solitary confinement



…for the following periods, with what I consider to be a fair financial recompense?

you will have access to all books, all the tv stations, pretty much whatever you want to eat, en suite, weights and other keep fit stuff and an outside area which you can access for 3 hours a day. there will be NO internet access. also, you will not see another human being for all that time (all your stuff will be pushed through a slot in the door)

the room will measure 3m by 2m and will have a big window.


1 month, with a reward of £20,000

  • yes
  • no

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6 months, with a reward of £150,000

  • yes
  • no

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1 year, with a reward of £750,000

  • yes
  • no

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2 years, with a reward of £5,000,000

  • yes
  • no

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could do that spinning on my cock


Basically university all over again, except this time I MAKE money.


could do that spinning on @aggpass’s cock


How much weed would I have?


Could do that spinning on @twentynine 's cock whilst hes spinning on @Aggpass 's cock


no longer than a couple of months cos i’d literally go insane, and I’m not even a sociable person at all


yeah this. a month would be absolutely fine, and probably quite good for me. beyond that? jog on


weed and booze* allowed on every other Friday and Saturday, man. enough for 4 solid spliffs and say 16 bottles of your choice


whisky and rum every first sunday of the month (one bottle, to be consumed within 48 hrs)


you’re a very generous warden tbf


fortnightly beers and spleedos is fine, man.


If I didn’t have a family then I would go for these but as I do then none. Bit more cash for a month and I might be interested.


750k is a life changing amount of money, bro. are you sure…


And not see my kid for a year? Fuck that.


you chose the gradients of money to time very well, difficult choice. 2months at most for me. Is pornography included in the book allocation?


You say this but I guarantee a girl with move into @Lo-Pan’s cell within a couple of months.


gonna take this to the next level, for those with kids etc. the rules would be slightly different. you would see your loved ones (4 at a time) for a period of 4 hrs, every two weeks.

however, you would forefeit 35% of the figures mentioned above.


  • yes to 1 month
  • no to 1 month
  • yes to 6 month
  • no to 6 month
  • yes to 1 year
  • no to 1 year
  • yes to 2 year
  • no to 2 year

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Month would be fine any longer…jog on mate.


fraid not, man. I run a tight ship. you can wank over the Kays catalogue, like the rest of us


No for all.