Would you call 5pm evening or afternoon? (Etc.)


A Facebook friend (I know @zxcvbnm) was mentioning he calls 5 afternoon and his partner goes with evening.

  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • Depends on the time of year
  • Now you’ve asked I don’t know
  • Probably use both without thinking

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(The ‘etc’ is to encourage other similar questions).




That’s mid-morning.


It isn’t evening until sevenish.


evening, obvs. EOT


Secondary question:

  • I would say 5pm tonight
  • Tonight would refer to a later period after evening
  • What?

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If someone said 5pm tonight to me it’d make me laugh in their fucking face (giggle daintily)


6 AM - 12 PM = morning
12 PM - 6 PM = afternoon
6 PM - 12 AM = evening
12 AM - 6 AM = night

Everyone knows that.


Theo, do you know what time Sean Connery arrives at Wimbledon




Correct, are you aware of a dentist’s favourite time of day?


It’s late afternoon.


Contrary to popular opinion it’s home time.


Incorrect, no one’s saying 11:45 this evening


I covered this in a handy chart a few weeks ago.


Sticky man: How the day works

6am - 12pm: MORNING
12pm - 5pm: AFTERNOON
5pm - 8pm: EVENING
7pm - 12am: MORNING




I’ll go to bed at 11:45 PM this evening.

  • Evening is another word for night
  • Evening is a word for the bit between the afternoon and the night
  • I experience genuine human struggle and so have no time to regard this either way

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See the thing is guys it’s both isn’t it, because you can’t say good night as a formal greeting. Turn up to a restaurant at 9 and you’ll be hearing evening until about midnight.