Would you call out a mate for not washing his hands after taking a piss?



good morning.

this chap was round at mine the other night watching the footie. just before he left (he made a big deal about leaving early, I can tell ya) he went upstairs and took a piss.

he came downstairs and went to shake my hand. I had witnessed him not cleaning his hands after taking a piss previuosly, so I said ‘have you washed your hands?’

he made some comment under his breath, which I couldn’t work quite make out, so I said ‘I’ll see you to the door, I ain’t saying goodbye at the sofa’

we embraced at the door, but I made sure I didn’t touch his pissy hands.

fucking dirty cunt

pissy-hand shaming - thoughts?


Not that much of a problem tbh, i dont piss all over my hands when i go for one


yes, always. someone who doesn’t wash their hands after a piss is no friend of mine.


Absolutely. Easier to do this with a mate than a not-mate, isn’t it?



You filthy get.


yeah, this is horrible. HORRIBLE!


Whats wrong with touching a widge? I have known many a female to put them in places much more personal than the hand.


this guy is new to the fold, man. still working him out innit


“I’ll see you at the door, I ain’t saying goodbye at the sofa” - the new album by the Cooper Temple Clause


look at all you non cock washers


Also yes, I would shame and have shamed


can someone with the required skillz please make an anonymous poll about whether you wash your hands after taking a piss please?

@Antpocalypsenow @smee @1101010 ?


My chemistry teacher at sixth form told us he washed his hands before taking a piss to get rid of the chemicals but never after as that was too much hand washing


can’t argue with SCIENCE


I don’t shake my mates’ hands.


It’s not really about that


#Do You Wash Your Hands After Taking A Piss?

  • Of course!
  • Of course not!
  • Fuck off, mate!

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I sometimes wash my hands having not had a piss.


bathroom-door handles have so much bacteria on them, you could use one to colonize Mars

This is the irksome part. You wash your hands like a decent sort, but then you have to exit the room and need to make tentative contact with the handle because you know that @TKC et all have groped it with their manky mitts.


one of the directors at my work doesn’t wash his hands. I’m keeping this little titbit as ammunition for such a time as I’m involved in a petty squabble at a board meeting.