Would you call out a mate for not washing his hands after taking a piss?



I wash my hands after eating crisps.


I also pour peanuts directly down my gullet to avoid touching them


Confirmation pls, @crisps


I just did a poo and then washed my hands.


Absolute class act


imagine people were defending not washing their hands smh


Really easy to call out a mate compared to a stranger.

I did once say in front of a colleague when we were meeting an external agency ‘Don’t shake his hand, he doesn’t wash them after going to the toilet’ because I had already handed in my notice and they were a twat. I think they all thought I was joking.


How grim are the pubs you shit in?


This is a wild flailing comeback really. Having seen the toilets in our corporate city office I think you’d best be careful of any naked flames what with that straw man you’re carrying about. :wink:


Don’t know why you wouldn’t wash your hands after having a piss - in general it’s a good idea to wash your hands periodically anyway (not to the point of bacteria OCD obvs) and when you’ve finished having a piss you’ve always got the required apparatus (arf) immediately to, er…hand.

On a related note, from watching CBBC recently (:heart: Operation Ouch) I’ve learnt that it’s better to sneeze into the crook of your elbow rather than into your hand, which makes sense when you think about it…


Been noticing lately one of my flatmates/atd’s NEVER washes his hands. Figure it must be a choice he’s made in his life, I’m pretty much fine with it.


I don’t really see the point. My shaft isn’t dirty and I don’t get piss anywhere near my hands. If its a public toilet and the handle is probably bacteria-ridden etc then sure, but otherwise i’ve probably washed my hands fairly recently anyway.


post can’t be empty


Ahhhh, the eternal mystery that is male toilet going habits. You guys are fucking mental tbf.


Explains so much about you :wink:


Alright, hovering seat-pisser.


this is fucking vile

why do so many of you think that not washing your hands is fine? It’s so easy to do. Mind boggling.


Please ask any questions that you may have about the process in here and I’ll answer them as best I can.


Yes, but only most of the time. After about five pints, I would probably not do it. I would still wash my hands though.

I am a bit of a theo when it comes to doors to the toilet; I always reach for the part of the handle I reckon the least people have touched.


Doesn’t bother me

Fucking grow up