Would you call yor nipper Harland for $11G?



They would probably have to throw in free KFC for life as well, which could swing it for me



  • Theo
  • Daniel
  • Balonz
  • Harland

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don’t see the problem with this

Your Sincerely

Robert P Anusol.


Ah, of the Norfolk Anusols.


we pronounce it Anus Owls.


one of these is my name. but which one?



Well first of I’d need to have a nipper, and I’m going to need to be offered a lot more than a month’s salary to consider that.






They also launched a chicken sandwich into space last year! I can jus imagine a hungry kid walking past saying ‘oh that chicken sandwich looks amazing can I have one’ , Man in KFC suit ‘no little jimmy that’s not for you were launching it into space’ little Jimmy ‘looks confused’


Didn’t know Balonz had alts on new DiS.


got to feel sorry for the baby going through life named for a KFC competition who comes in second place and gets fuck all for the effort


I think Harland is quite a cool name regardless of the KFC thing, so sure.


I bet you do, do you think its a finger lickingly good name? (Secretly works for KFC)


Some lucky alien civilisation is going to get both a KFC and a Tesla in about a million years then?


But will they be able to work out the Colonel secret recipe?


1st boy = Harland, 2nd = Wolffe


Took a second to sink in