Would you consider it foolish for a non-UK resident to freely choose to move to the UK at the moment?


thinking it might be




Nope, I welcome refugees.


Not sure why they’d want to tbh


might have family or loved ones in the uk


might be american and want to live like kings


yeah it’s well shit lol


No one is loved on rainy fascist isle


it’s obviously increasingly grim what’s happening in the UK but there’s still a cultural infrastructure there that’s not going to be dismantled overnight, as much as they may try.


as opposed to all the other lovely countries welcoming migrants unconditionally…


Yes. They will be on anti-depressants after 3 months.


When the Tories win the next election, I suspect cultural dismantlement will be the next thing on their agenda now they have had their NHS dismemberment and Brexit fuckparty.