Would you eat a cowpat


If the reward was to spend a weekend at a 5 star hotel with your all time dream date? You may use whatever sauces you like, but the plate must be licked totally clean.


I would not.


can i clean my teeth before my date ?




i dont know who would impose this rule


Also bear in mind at this 5 star hotel you can make the bed go on a private indoor rollercoaster, or waterslide.


Fine, yes, we’d all eat shit. Are you happy?


what sort of size we talking?


Someone likes to wet the bed.


Not too big. Like a cremated Chicago Town pizza.


honestly don’t think i could


Think I’d just ask them instead.


so it doesn’t have to have come from a cow?


No thank you.


I don’t see how one would lead to the other really.

It’s bizarre to think a woman or man would put themselves on sale for the price of me eating animal faeces.

Are you sure about this?


*it would be a woman of course. my dream date. but if it wasn’t that would be ok too. of course.


** it would be my wife! that’s what I meant to say.


*** and she is NOT into the idea of me eating poo. AFAIK.


I would do it for 500k (preferably presented in 20s, in a suitcase)


what happens if you can only get halfway through?

do you get a 3 star hotel? or still at the 5 star but it’s with someone you don’t like?