Would you eat it dangling from a crane?

I do not like it Sam I am.

I’m looking at this lot right now. It looks really shit. Hope the wind gets up and it starts snowing.

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Depends what ‘it’ is…


I would. But I wouldn’t choose to and definitely wouldnt be extra for it.

Going to file it under ‘shit for twats’ if that’s alright


I think this nailed on.

They’re only a few feet higher up than I am. I’m considering going downstairs and asking some tourists if they’d pay me a ton to come and sit at my desk and look out of the window. I might even throw in some soft drinks.

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Just £170 a head to share a table with 20 strangers and not be able to go for a piss. Be a bargain at double the price tbh

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Just remember

“Your drink will only be replaced once it has been finished”

which I suppose is fair enough really.

But a bird’s just shat in it

I said finish your fucking champagne, madame


Proper sniggered at that. :smiley:

Something about this is just doing me, and that’s even before considering the price.

A selection of Mini Pastries

Eggs Florentine (v)

Roasted Tomato & Cashew Hollandaise (vg)

… And, of course, bottomless prosecco.


Reckon you could get a money making scheme where a friend stands under the table with a bucket, and you pour £200 worth of prosecco down to them.

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What if you need a piss

Now you’ve got me watching extra-carefully. Wish I’d brought my binos.

people are really running out of ideas aren’t they

I’ll have a pint and a pub lunch and £155 left ta

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on the i360 in Brighton they give out free champagne if it breaks down but there’s also no toilet on board so if it takes them hours to fix it they have to whip out a bucket and one of those throw-up doors tailors use to let you get dressed behind

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London continues to wonder why everyone else thinks it’s a cunt


I could be a bit more forgiving if there was a bit of a view, and it looks like previous locations might have given that, but up there now you get to see the side of the O2, a choice of three building sites and North Greenwich bus station.


I’ll stick to eating my sandwiches in the Hot Tug™ thank you very much.

It’s been trialled in Glasgow years before. It went down really well and was sold out.

In which case I retract.

London’s run out of ideas so it’s clearly looking to other cities for inspiration then.

I think @Lo-Pan might have gone on it, IIRC.