Would you eat it? (ROLLING POLLING)

Post something and then see if people would eat it/try it

I’ll get the polling rolling:

  • Yes!
  • I’d try a tiny bit out of morbid curiosity
  • Absolutely not.

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not on facebookunblockedatworkbook


  • Yes, looks nice
  • No thank you
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  • Yes
  • No
  • Something about a baking tray
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Looks a bit boring, but it’s pizza so a resounding yes still


The product image shown is for illustration purposes only.

I’ve actually tried something similar to that before. It doesn’t actually have the consistency you’d expect from chicken. as in you can eat the whole thing, bones and all, because its so gloopy. was pretty gross tbh.

  • Sure
  • Tory
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what is it and where’s the poll?

My word. What is that?

That is a harrowing image.

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Even more harrowing:


It’s OBVIOUSLY scrambled eggs you fucking fascists.

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  • The World’s Greatest Steaks
  • Sad!
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Doesn’t look very scrambled chief. More like some sort of omelette ball.

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in your own home, any time.

  • Y
  • N
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Looked like it could have been a puri

or maybe just a puff pastry monstrosity.