Would you eat this as a snack?


a hyperlink? I don’t think so



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YOu need to deal with this ↑ right now, antpocal

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No, but seriously, slices of apple with peanut butter and bran flakes on? Not for me, Clive #SOAWPBABFO

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that URL isn’t even on facebook

They look like absolute student shit Ant but I would probably try them yes. How about yourself?

Can you supply a product image for those not on social media?

This but bran flakes instead of granola.

do you have a picture showing the bran flakes? i’m having trouble imagining it

would you eat this as a snack?

  • yes
  • no

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Quite nice

Ah actually I want it with granola not (as I call them) Brain Flakes

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I would NOT eat them

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i could go for a snack right now but got nowt in. if i had an apple, i would not do this.


What if there was a bit of honey holding them together, if you get what I mean :wink:

because you don’t have any bran flakes?

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It would improve matters somewhat but not enough to make me eat them. The main issue is that I don’t like apples or peanut butter or bran flakes.