Would you eat this banana?

Weirdly, I used to have a banana allergy. Always quite liked them, but would get a really itchy mouth and lips whenever I ate one. Would periodically try one just to see what happened and would get that reaction again. Tried one again about a year ago and had no ill effects.

Always have one to kick off my shift whenever I’m at work these days (and an apple for the last hour).

Kind of the opposite for me, I used to get a mild itching/irritation on my tongue and throat so stopped eating them. The occasion I mentioned above was a few years later when I thought I’d try one to see if it was any better, clearly it was far worse!

most fruit can fuck off most of the time

bad opinion

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only one way to settle this [other than fiiiiiiiight preferably with a load of squidgy fruit… which i would never buy]

  • veg > fruit
  • fruit > veg
  • veg = fruit

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IMAGINE preferring veg to fruit. what a life.

what a life without too much sugar [even if it’s the good kind of sugar], yes

oh sure, but what is health without joy?

my issue with fruit is that it isn’t sugary enough. when i eat an orange i want it to taste like a fruit pastille but it doesn’t, it tastes horrible and bitter and sour with a disgusting texture. at least broccoli promises nothing and delivers nothing.


sounds liek your issue is that you love refined sugar

which is almost certainly my issue too… have barely eaten any refined sugar in recent weeks

I say! :face_with_monocle::open_mouth:

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State of the deviants on here voting below ‘4’.

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Christ, man, I didn’t know you hated bananas. I have to adjust the spreadsheet and everything!

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There’s a particular variety my father-in-law gets in Queensland (@ma0sm Klaxon) that are shorter, flatter and have a more pronounced hexagonal shape in the skin.

Anyway, I don’t know what variety they are but I don’t really like them. Overy sweet but also a bit ‘stringy’ on the inside and they seem to get lots more of those stringy bits under the peel that you have to pull down before you can eat it.

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as we can from the results, DiS mostly leans the correct way with a few leaning the wrong way and unsurprisingly a few fence sitting centrists :wink:

I would not eat any banana.




ACTUALLY, this was all started because you told fruit to fuck off, and since the centrists like fruit and veg equally this means in this instance they are technically part of the pro fruit lobby and you lose

Why are so many people lying in this poll?