Would you eat this banana?



Coincidentally, this is also the Balonz penis darkness scale.


4 for eating, 6 for smoothies, 7 for cakes.


Yor a man after my own heart


It’s too bananary at this stage.
And has too much sugar.


Do people that like bananas manage to get through a whole one without thinking “fucking hell when is this fucking thing gonna be finished?”


Usually I eat most of it and think theres more and go where the fuck is the rest of the banana


Wow! That’s the exact opposite of me!


Riper is better for mixing with my forest fruits for my overnight oats. They do get a bit ‘stringy’ if they’re too ripe though


I eat a banana every day for breakfast and have done for at least a decade.

So, yeah :slight_smile:


I like mine mid-morning

But sometimes I have 3 bananas a day


I hope the shrinkage over time isn’t true!


I think I’d vomit. I wish this wasn’t the case


You tell me!


woah, that’s serious!

Can’t believe there’s someone more banana mad than me here.


Can you stop putting out old man vibes, you are confusing me.


I don’t like bananas.


Wish I was smart enough to think up a cocktail or something using a banana so I could call it the Bamnana.



You know that story about the other type of bananas that went extinct but were much much tastier? Apparently they taste like banana sweets and that’s why banana sweets aren’t really that much like a banana

  • Of course
  • Wth you talking bout

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banana sweets just taste like rreally ripe bananas, like cake worthilly ripe bananas, which might be how they used to be if they took longer to get here, I suppose.