Would you eat this banana?



Yeah, this. There’s something about their smell/texture which turns my stomach for some reason.



I’m no fan of undue food wastage but that banana is a notch too ripe for me. I’ll go up to 6 on that chart above but not a 7.


not sure how many times i need to say, ‘cake’, in this thread…


I didn’t intend to let it get this ripe - there was an unexpected wfh day due to a traffic issue - but I have no regrets. Very enjoyable banana.


And fair play to that.

I buy a set of bananas on a Monday for the week. Tend to be a 2.5 at the start of the week and about a 5.5 on Friday. Perfect system.


I’m sure I read that bananas were going extinct a while back?

Ah, here we go: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-44712034

In short, get your bananas in now, and stop moaning about the brown ones, because a brown banana is better than no banana


Bananas are/were the one fruit I really enjoyed. So have a guess which fruit my body decided to develop an allergy to when I was about 35?

Last time I had one I started wheezing, eyes swelled up, rash appeared all over my hands, basically mild anaphylaxis. I naturally, like the idiot I am, just suffered through it and then when that had passed went to bed and spent the night with hideous stomach cramps.

Needless to say I won’t be having another banana any time soon.


So it’s the Japanese and Chinese who get to eat these tasty fuckers? Laughing at us, I bet they are, with our insipid Cavendish crap.


That’s perfect :ok_hand:
The first one tho, I’d have a go, but suspect it would be a little far gone for my tastes


1 - bad, leave it a while
2 - won’t taste great but i’ll put it up with it cos i’m hungry now and not waiting for it to sort itself out
3 - superb. peak banana
4 & 5 - very good banana
6 - oh shit, i better eat this now, it hasn’t got long left. bit sweet and probably a few bruises but fine.
7 - will attempt it but probably end up throwing half of it away after eating around the black bits. will also bring it to work in the bag as it can’t be trusted in my messenger bag out in the open


this is the only thing putting me off a bit


3 isn’t peak banana. That’s still underripe.


Weirdly, I used to have a banana allergy. Always quite liked them, but would get a really itchy mouth and lips whenever I ate one. Would periodically try one just to see what happened and would get that reaction again. Tried one again about a year ago and had no ill effects.

Always have one to kick off my shift whenever I’m at work these days (and an apple for the last hour).


Kind of the opposite for me, I used to get a mild itching/irritation on my tongue and throat so stopped eating them. The occasion I mentioned above was a few years later when I thought I’d try one to see if it was any better, clearly it was far worse!


most fruit can fuck off most of the time


bad opinion


only one way to settle this [other than fiiiiiiiight preferably with a load of squidgy fruit… which i would never buy]

  • veg > fruit
  • fruit > veg
  • veg = fruit

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IMAGINE preferring veg to fruit. what a life.


what a life without too much sugar [even if it’s the good kind of sugar], yes